Simply refer any NEW customer (family member, friend, co-worker, perfect stranger, anyone) to us to experience, for the 1st time, the same quality of service you've received, and we'll reward you More & More each time!
1st Sold Referral   =   $50
2nd Sold Referral
3rd Sold Referral
  =  $100
4th Sold Referral
  =  $125
5th Sold Referral
  =  $150
6th Sold Referral  
7th+ Sold Referral = $200

We Keep Track and Gladly Send You a Check for
Every Qualified
Referral Sale or Lease.

Starts over January 1st of each year.

Only 2 Rules Apply:
  • The referral must ask specifically for YOUR SALES ASSOCIATE by name and tell us that YOU SENT THEM BEFORE the sales process begins, and a sale or lease MUST take place.
  • The sold referral (sale or lease) must be a NEW CUSTOMER. YOU and PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS do not qualify for payment or count.

We Do Business Your Way.